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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lucky Shopping Manual

This Lucky Shopping Manual: building and improving your wardrobe piece by piece
By Kim France and Andrea Linett, editor in chief and creative director of Lucky magazine
Published by Gotham Books (October 2003)
320 pages in English, all in color

After I graduated and started working, I realized I could not longer wear my hoodies and sweat pants and had to switch to a more professional look. It was quite difficult to do so on a tight student budget and I really did not know what to buy either.  This book was really useful in that regards.  But I think it is also a very pretty book and anybody who wants to get a better closet could find it useful as well.

The Lucky Shopping Manual is divided into 14 chapters and some extras

Each chapter covers a type of clothing like Tops, Skirts, Pants, etc.

Each chapter has a section entitled Getting Dressed to show how to pair the clothing items

The Undergarment chapter's Getting Dressed section is very informative.

The Fit and Styling Tips section shows how to find the perfect fit for each clothing item.

There is a section about what is the best type of clothing for each body shape.

The Fashion Challenge section proposes daring or unusual pairing.

There is a section about what items to buy if you want to build a decent closet.

Apart from the 14 chapters, we also get a few extras like a peek into a celebrity's closet.

Another extra is a section about what to pack for a beach weekend, city weekend etc.

Some of the other extras are:
  • Streamline your wardrobe
  • Classics to collect
  • How to take care of your clothes
  • 10 Lucky Rules of Shopping
  • Cool stores around the country
I like this book very much because the pictures and colors are gorgeous and it is also informative.
The paper is glossy and each of the 320 pages are in color.  The pictures are displayed in a simple and elegant format.  Definitely a great present for yourself or for a friend.