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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miss Potter: A Journal

Title: Miss Potter: A Journal
Author: Beatrix Potter
Publisher: Warne
Illustrated edition (Oct 19, 2006)
Language: English
32 pages

For the fans of Beatrix Potter's books, this is a true gem! With excerpts  from Beatrix's diaries, we discover her world through letters, watercolor paintings, photographs, maps, and even a Peter Rabbit Board Game!

 Here are some pictures from the book.  Click on the pictures to see them in higher resolution.

An album with several black and white photos are attached to one of the page.  Here is Miss Potter and her dog Spot.

An excerpt from Potter's own diaries and letters, and her report card from 1885, when she was 18 years old.

Paintings and sketches from Potter are shown very often in this book.  On the bottom right is a watercolor painting of the view from her window at Bolton Gardens.  On the upper right is a drawing she made for her brother.

One of my favorite pages is an envelope with a letter folded inside the envelope.  It was the letter she wrote to Noel Moore and her story of Peter Rabbit with her original drawings.

Nestled within the book's back cover is a small book with a cardboard cover, similar to Potter's first Privately printed edition of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". 

There are many more surprises to this book and I don't regret at all getting it! This one is a keeper!


  1. It's just wonderful! Thanks to share it with us!

  2. i've read this book in my childhood and I had loved it! All these stories are great! this edition seems very playful, very particularly the illustrations and the small letter placed in the book! so lovely

  3. it was you who took these pictures? they are beautiful and are well worth the book!

  4. Thanks Lau and Rachel for your comments! Yes I took the pictures myself except for the cover page.